About the BAA

The Belmont Allotments site situated between Cotswold Road and Brighton Road in the London Borough of Sutton is known to have been used for allotment gardening for over 100 years and probably for much longer. It has therefore played an important role in the local community for at least four or five generations and straddling both World Wars. It provided important opportunities for rehabilitating servicemen returning from the War in 1918 and played a particularly vital role in the Dig for Victory campaign during World War 2.

Following the regeneration of the enclosed wildlife area within the site (undertaken largely through the voluntary efforts of plot holders) it is probably one of the most ecologically self-sustaining allotment gardens in the country. Plot holders are proud of the strong historic and ecological credentials of the site.

All plot holders are eligible to be members of Belmont Allotments Association which is run by an active committee of elected volunteer members under a revised constitution adopted in 2014. Its aims are to co-ordinate and manage  services, facilities amenities and social activities on the Belmont site for the benefit of members and to generally protect their mutual interests.

Those interests have come under particular threat in early 2016 in connection with  a wide ranging, long term development plan announced by the Borough. The plan could result in the closure of the site. The Association intends to challenge robustly those aspects of the plan which are considered detrimental to the interests of local allotment gardeners. Details of the campaign will be regularly updated on this web site as developments arise.


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