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Benefits of BAA Membership

The Belmont Allotments Association provides a great range of services to its members including:

  1. -  Shop offering a range of affordable garden supplies 
  2. -  Free regular supplies of Wood Chippings and Farmyard Manure
  3. -  Public Liability Insurance
  4. -  Newsletters to keep you up-to-date 
  5. -  Invitations to allotment-related events
  6. -  Organising maintenance of the BAA Sheds and Wildlife Area
  7. -  Group Membership of the RHS

You can renew your yearly membership now via PayPal following this link

Membership Cost: £5.00 valid for a year from 1st April until 31st March

BAA Constitution


The name of the Association will be “Belmont Allotments Association (2014)” (the “BAA14” or the “Association”). 


a) To provide a horticultural supplies service to meet the requirements of members 

b) To foster a social environment of mutual support among allotment holders 

c) To encourage and facilitate the sharing of information and guidance on any matter of horticultural best practice and related issues 

d) To sponsor projects of common interest and benefit to members 

e) To provide a managed interface on matters involving the site landlords and other external bodies 


Membership of the Association will be open to all allotment gardeners at Belmont Allotments upon payment of an annual subscription but only one membership will be permitted per registered tenancy. Membership may be held in joint or individual names and each membership, whether joint or individual, would carry only one vote. The subscription year will run from 1 April to 31 March. The benefits and entitlements of membership are available only to paid up members of the Association. 


a) Subject at all times to compliance with the constitution, the business activities of the Association will be jointly managed at the complete discretion of a committee of no fewer than 4 and normally no more than 8 members. 

b) The initial membership of the committee will be agreed upon by a vote at the membership meeting where this constitution is adopted. 

c) Each year thereafter, one-third of the membership of the committee will retire by rotation although retiring committee members may offer themselves for re-appointment 

d) With the sponsorship of two other members, any member of the Association may be nominated to serve on the committee at any time. If there is a vacancy at the time of nomination the nominee may be co-opted immediately. If there is no vacancy at the time, the nomination will be held until a vacancy occurs which will be no later than the point where serving committee members retire by rotation. If at that point there are more nominees than vacancies (including those retiring by rotation and offering themselves for reappointment) then selection will be by a vote of all members. 

e) Disqualification of a serving committee member can be considered by petition of at least 10% of the current active membership of the Association. The proposition will then require a simple majority in a vote of all members. 


A membership meeting of the Association may be called for a specific purpose at any time by the committee or upon petition by at least 10% of the current membership of the Association. The committee will call at least one membership meeting a year. A minimum of 21 days' notice of the date of a membership meeting will be posted on-site notice boards. 


a) The committee reserves the right to charge members a yearly joining fee. 

b) The committee will maintain a pricing structure for the sale of goods in the Association’s shop which balances value to users with the generation of necessary funds for Association purposes. 

c) The committee will encourage the organisation of other appropriate fund raising activities for the benefit of Association purposes 

d) The committee will actively pursue grant funding for the purpose of improving and enhancing on-site amenities. 


a) The committee will maintain accounting records with respect to: 

i. All sums received and expended by the Association 

ii. All sales and purchases by the Association 

iii. All assets and liabilities of the Association 

b) The accounting records will be open to inspection by any member on reasonable request 

c) Each year the committee will issue an income and expenditure statement in respect of the previous financial year 

d) The assets of the Association will be applied solely towards the promotion and aims of the Association. No payments will be made directly or indirectly to any member unless for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses which the committee will have the power to authorise. 

e) The committee will ensure so far as is reasonably possible that appropriate insurance cover is maintained to cover loss of the Association’s assets and risk relating to third party liability 


a) The Association may be wound up by majority vote of members passed at a membership meeting. 

b) Upon dissolution, any property and assets belonging to the Association will be applied by the committee to purposes that are in keeping with the aims of the Association taking account of all legal and contractual commitments. 


The constitution may be amended only by a two-thirds majority vote at a membership meeting of the Association.


This Constitution was duly adopted at a membership meeting held at Sutton Lodge, 139 Brighton Road, Sutton on 2 October 2014. Signed for and on behalf of the Association 

Stephen Phillips ,Hilary Appleby and Bob Slee

BAA Committee

Chairman: Steven Philips 

Treasurer & Trading Hut Manager: Boris Dehalu

Site Representative: Tom Nugent

Deputy Site Representative: Sylvia Nugent

Wildlife Area Manager: Karen Dehalu

Committee Member: Jeremy Randall