Trading Hut

How to purchase your garden supplies

Latest update: 10th April 2020

Due to the  COVID-19 Pandemic, the Trading Hut is currently NOT open for face-to-face business. A step by step online ordering, as detailed below, has been put in place.

  1. 1. Check the price list below and select the items and quantities you require.
  2. 2. Email your order to
  3. 3. The Trading Hut Manager will confirm if all items and quantities are in stock, provide a total price, give bank account details, and offer an order collection/plot delivery date and time.
  4. 4. Pay by online bank transfer. Advise the Trading Hut Manager when payment is complete and agree on the collection/plot delivery time or request a different one.
  5. 5. Collection only: Collect your order from outside the BAA trading Hut at the time agreed. You will also receive an "order ready to collect" email.

Price List (June 2020)

Fertilisers Price Canes, Supports, Ties, etc Price
Sulfate of Ammonia per Kg £0.75 Canes 3' each £0.20
Bonemeal per Kg £0.85 Canes 4' each £0.30
Growmore per Kg £1.10 Canes 5' each £0.35
Blood Fish & Bone per Kg £0.70 Canes 7' each £0.45
Potash per Kg £1.50 Canes 8' each £0.55
Calcified Seaweed per Kg £1.15 Split Canes 24" per 20 £1.40
Sangral Soluble (3:1:6) per Kg  £2.70 Cane Top each £0.10
Lime per Kg £0.80 Green Twine 100M £1.10
Miraclegrow per 500g pack £2.90 Green Twine 140M £1.20
Tomorite  500ml pack £3.55 Plant Ties per 10 £0.50
6X Pelleted Chicken Manure per 8Kg tub £5.80 Support clip each £0.50
Doff Tomato Feed per 1L   £2.50 Ball of string per 5 £0.30
Sequestrine per pack £4.70 Blue Polypropylene Rope per m £0.20
Organic Potato Fertilizer 1Kg £2.40
Pest & Weed Control Price
Growing Media Price
Bayer Boltac Fruit Tree Greaseband 1.75m £5.50
Crossways Multi-Purpose Compost 60L OUT Fruit Tree Grease 200g £5.50
Clover  + John Innes Compost 75L OUT Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer 1L £4.20
Clover Multi-Purpose Compost 60L OUT Weedol per sachet £1.40
Clover Multi-Purpose Compost 75L £4.80 Job Done ToughWeedkiller Spray 1L £4.00
New Horizon All Veg Organic Compost 50L OUT SBK Brushwood Killer 125ml £4.60
New Horizon All Plant Organic Compost 60L £5.60 Doff Ant Spray 300ml £2.30
Vermiculite Premium Medium per 2L £0.65 Doff Ant Killer Powder 400g £1.90
Doff Slug & Snail Killer 800g £3.20
Ground Covers, Nettings, Meshes, etc   Growing Success Organic Slug Pellets  575g  OUT
Bayer Organic Bug-Free 1L £4.00
Black Cover 1M X 1M £0.75 Antstop Gun Spray Home Defence 1L £4.30
Black Cover 2M X1M £1.50
Ground Staples 20pk   £3.00 Miscellaneous Price
Fleece cover per m  £0.75
Garden Netting (Green) 2m x 4m   £3.00 Master Gardener Glove - Mens (Green) £4.00
Master Gardener Glove - Ladies (M Purple) £4.00
Pots, Planters, etc Price Master Gardener Glove - Ladies (S Pink) £4.00
Kneeler Mat each £3.00
3" Pots each £0.08 Jeyes Greenhouse Cleaner 500ml £2.70
12 hole plant packs each £0.25 Garotta Compost Accelerator £2.00
Full-size Seed Trays each £0.75 Dustbin Incinerator  £14.00
5" Plant Labels each   £0.05 Nylon Net Bag each £0.20
6cm Jiffy Pots per 5   £0.15 Hessian Sack each £1.20
6" Pots each £0.42 Sharpie Waterproof Pen each £1.50